Victor Naumov

Виктор Наумов

Date of birth: July, 21, 1971, place: St.Petersburg, Russia

e-mail: naumov@russianlaw.net

Main interests are:

  • Information Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyberspace Law
  • Telemedicine Law
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet and Telecommunications


1994 - graduated from Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University;
1996 - graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, Mathematics Department (with emphasis to the computer science);
1997 - graduated from Law Faculty, Saint Petersburg State University. 2003 - maintained Ph.D. Law thesis "Legal problems of information distribution in Internet"


Positions held:

Since May 2008 - till now - partner at international law company, Head of Russian IP/IT/Telecom practice.
Since June 2006 - till April 2008 - partner at Beiten Burkhardt, IP/IT/media practice.
Since July 2005 till June 2006 - Head of Intellectual Property / Information Technology Protection Group, DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary.
Since September 2003 till July 2005 - Head of Intellectual Property / Information Technology Protection Group, Legal Department of Ernst & Young - EY Law.
1988 till 2003 - staff member of the St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Science.
Since 1997 till now - teaching position at Law Faculty, Saint Petersburg State University. Since 2004 teaching at Economic Faculty, Saint Petersburg State University. Associate professor (courses "Legal informatics", "Information technologies for legal activity", "Computer law", "Regulations of Internet")

In the legal services ratings of Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 issued in 2007 and 2008, Victor is recognized as a leading expert in St. Petersburg / Russia in the sphere of protection of intellectual property and regulation of information technology. In February 2008 Newspaper Kommersant ranked Victor among "the leading figures in St. Petersburg in his field," in October 2008 the newspaper named him within the top 12 consultants in St. Petersburg, and in March 2009 ranked him the #1 most cited expert in St. Petersburg.

In September 2007 elected as a co-chairman of the IT Committee of the American Chamber of Trade and Commerce (St. Petersburg Chapter).

Since 1997 is involved in legal advising at several Russian and foreign telecommunication and IT-companies, educational and public organizations (for example, in 2001 author of Rambler's Top100 Reglament) and court practice (speciality - copyright, trademark, intellectual property, mass media, IT, Internet cases).
Participated, as the representative, in proceedings in key domestic court disputes, related to Russian Internet (for example, "kodak.ru" case). Participated in examinations of criminal cases in sphere of computer crime.

Legal scientific activity: as the research associate is carrying out investigations in the field of the information law, law of intellectual property, regulation of telecommunications, computer crime, legal computer science, information security, data protection and artificial intelligence.

In February 2009 Viсtor Naumov was appointed a member of the Federal Antimonopoly Service's Advisory Board on Competition in Information Technology.
2005 till now - member of the Expert Council on intellectual property legal regulation and protection attached to the Committee for Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the RF State Duma.
1999 till now - the member of an organizational Committee of Russian scientific and practical conferences "Law and Internet: theory and practice".
2000 till now - engaged with an expert activity at the federal and regional governmental body with reference to development and improvement of national legislation pertaining to information society.
2001 - participated in development of Saint Petersburg (Russia) legislation concerning information resources and information supply of Saint Petersburg state authorities.
2001 - till now - the expert of the analytical edition of State Federal Arbitration Court of Northwest Region.
Author of "Recommendations for E-commerce" in Russia presented on the hearings in State Duma of Russian Federation (May, 22, 2000)
2002 till now - the member of workgroup of the Committee for health protection and sports at the RF State Duma (in the part of subject legislation in telemedicine).
2002 - legal adviser of the project "Privacy in Russian Internet" accomplished by Interregional Group "Human Rights Network".
2002 till now - expert of Russian Federal Programs "Electronic Russia" and "Development of uniform educational information environment". Within the framework of "Electronic Russia" is a member of workgroup for development of the Program Legal Concept.
Since 1999 for 2001 the founder and chief of the project "Internet Crime Investigation", organized ISP Dux and St.Petersburg Crime Investigation Police Department.

The organizer and moderator of electronic scientific seminar "Law and Internet".

The author of the monograph "Law and Internet: Essays on Theory and Practice" (Publishing House "University", summer 2002, ISBN 5-8013-0155-0, 432 pages), supported by Russian Foundation for Legal Reform, - first in Russian monographic research of problems of Internet regulation.

In the spring of 2002 in the co-authorship with D.A. Saveliev published the book "Legal aspects of telemedicine" (St.-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, Publishing House "Anatolia", 2002, ISBN 5-7452-0059-6, 107 pages) - first subject research related to convergence of information technologies, medicine and law.

The member of collective of the authors of the monograph R.M. Yusoupov and V.P. Zabolotsky " Scientific-methodical bases of informatics" (St.-Petersburg, Publishing House "Science", 2000, 456 pages). In the co-authorship with Yu. Hramov wrote the manual "Computer information on preliminary investigation" (Federal Commission for Securities Market of Russian Federation, Moscow State Open University, 1998).
The author more than 80 publications in sphere of law and computer science.

The participant of the scientific projects of INTAS, The International Science and Technology Center with European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Open Society Institute.

Since 2003 till 2005 the member of Coordination Council of the Coordination Partnership for development of Russian Northwest information society.
The member of Association of patent lawyers of St.-Petersburg.
The member of IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

Awards and incentives:

1997-2000 - laureate of the State scientific grant for the young scientists in the field of computer science.
The winner of the INTAS grant for the young scientists in 1998-1999.
1997 - has created this site "Law and Internet Research" (www.russianlaw.net), devoted to legal problems of information space, a prize-winner of the All-Russia competition of educational Internet resources "Education in RuNet", organized by Open Society Institute together with Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.
1999 - with the project "Electronic library "Networks and Law" became the winner of competition of Open Society Institute under the program "Electronic libraries".
Winner of Special Prize for "Protection of intellectual property rights in the Internet" founded within the National Internet Premium by Russian Academy of Internet, Russian Agency for Patent and Trademarks (Rospatent), Russian Author Society.

In 2002 was elected the member of Russian Academy of Internet.

In September 2002, according to version of the magazine "Internet World", was elected the Man of the Month.

In January 2003, according to version of Rambler.Ru, became the winner in Competition "People of year - 2002" as the Man of the year in "Laws" nomination.

In 2007, Victor awarded medal for contributing to the informatization of society in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Skills: programming technology, administration and creation of information resources.
Foreign languages: English, German (with dictionary).

List of publications.

At present you may read the following English scientific materials:


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