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Legal Aspects of Telemedicine

V.B. Naumov, D.A. Saveliev

Editors: Prof. R.M. Yusoupov, Doc.Nat.Sci., Prof. R.I. Polonnikov, Doc.Nat.Sci.
Reviewers: Prof. V.N. Monahov, Ph.D. of Law, Prof. V.J. Plotkin, Doc.Med.Sci.

ISBN 5-7452-0059-6
BBC 67.401+67.404.3
UDC 342.951

© V.B. Naumov, D.A. Saveliev, 2002
© St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, 2002
© Design "Anatolia" Publishers, 2002

107 pages, in Russian.

In the present issue the authors consider legal aspects of new field, the telemedicine, which arises of new info-communication technologies and its use in medicine. It is analyzed the spectrum of social relations and legal regulation problems related to telemedicine, the legislation of Russian Federation and its subjects, in particular, St.Petersburg, foreign and international law, and the projects of legal acts proposed by the authors are published.

It is addressed to readers, dealing with telemedicine development - medical and technical specialists, lawyers and government officials.



Foreword 6
Introduction 7
1.     Legislation of Russian Federation in the field of telemedicine 12
1.1.  Legislation in the field of new information technologies 13
1.2.  Legislation in the field of medicine 24
2.     International efforts in legal regulation of telemedicine 38
3.     Legal explanation of telemedicine service and finding of its legal problems 48
4.     The analysis of telemedicine service legal problems and the possible ways to solve them 60
5.     Legal acts projects in the field of telemedicine 79
6.     Methods of self-regulation for Internet telemedicine service providers 94
Conclusion 105


Published: May, 6, 2002